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4 centerpiece monsters to be used in your Mörk Borg games. Designed to fill the role of recurring and compelling villains in the likeness of horror movie franchise monsters. Excellent when used in a thrilling one shot, but sturdy enough to creep into an ongoing campaign.

Thanks for the review!


Born Of A Bloody Film is a supplement that adds four slahser-themed monsters to Mork Borg. 

The PDF is 7 pages, and three of those pages are merely great. The other four are off the charts, stylish and slick and ornately designed.

In terms of gameplay, the four monsters in this supplement all feel like focal encounters for a region. They don't need a lot of supporting critters, and you can run a small adventure that's just them and a house in the woods and it'll be a satisfying few hours of gameplay.

The Dread Eater is sort of a Blair Witch / Freddy Kreuger that has to be faced while asleep. The Thief Selves feels like a Darkest Dungeon monster, and temporarily steals control of party members. The Painmonger is a tanky Cenobite, and deals little damage but exhausts resources. The Always There is a bit It Follows, a bit Michael, and it mixes solid damage with teleportation and recovery whenever it breaks line of sight.

None of these monsters feel unfair, and they all definitely leave an impression. Any one of them could spice up a random encounter table, or add an extra layer of dread to a dungeon exploration.

Overall, if you're looking for a few Mork Borg monsters, you should absolutely pick this up. It meshes well with the core material, has plenty of flavor, and the art for the Dread Eater in particular makes an excellent at-the-table reveal.

Strongly recommend.


I appreciate the detailed review!