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A labor dispute at a valuable mine reveals the horrors that preceded it. The fossils of a little-understood ancient plant, glowing the color of a dragon's fruit, are crushed to a fine powder and diluted into a rare, luxurious, and intoxicating spice with unknown consequences. A monastery of a small but influential religious order harbors a dark secret. A hapless group of adventurers will face the potentially far-reaching implications of these intersecting arcs and decide what will remain hidden and the shape of the conflict to come.

ROSEATE GROWTH is a fantasy roleplaying adventure for three-to-five lower-level players, written in a system-neutral style. It should last roughly two or three sessions with some ripple effects that could be tied into your broader campaign or ignored. It was made (very belatedly!) as part of Yochai Gal and Chris Mennell's Dyson Logos Jam.


Content Warning: addictive drugs, an anti-labor massacre, mild body horror.

The book is 35 pages long, and it contains:

  • 6 adventure hooks
  • 30+ adventure repercussions
  • Dungeon map with 23 rooms
  • 5 unique monsters
  • 6+ unique items

With purchase, you get the following fully bookmarked PDFs:

  • Single-page layout
  • Facing-spread layout
  • Printer-friendly, black-and-white, art-less version
  • A separate file that reproduces the map

Map adapted from three maps by Dyson Logos.

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Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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