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WARNING: This book involves significant body horror elements and may not be suitable for players sensitive to such content.

Once, this town only whispered about the sordid histories of its rare newcomers and the abundant setbacks of its long-time residents. But a brilliant flash in the sky a few nights back has brought new topics to the hushed tones of worried recluses and nosy neighbors: odd shapes along the treeline, mysterious lights deeper within, and notes pleasant to the ear dancing on the wind. You’ve heard more enticing rumors, though, those of priceless gems unlike any other, ripe for the taking, and your thoughts can’t escape the tinge of colors you’ve never witnessed before, strange but welcoming, emanating unseen from the woods that were once your childhood playground…

The Pried Eye is a modern psychedelic one-shot adventure for Jesse Ross’s Trophy Dark in which the sudden appearance of spectacular lights and peculiar happenings in their backwoods will lure the players into hunting for otherworldly gems, hoping to break free from the town where they don't quite fit and seize their independence. A tense and eerie descent into body horror, cosmic weirdness, and ego murderthis book contains all of the rules you need to play, including all-new character creation options.

Truly amazing and beautifully presented. Possibly my favorite TTRPG book to just look at or read!
Ewan, fan
I picked this up and ran it with my D&D group. None of us had played the Trophy Dark system, and we had a blast. Last night will go down as one of my top RPG experiences, especially as a GM. The players picked up on the themes of the incursion and went with it. Some really good evocative (and pretty gross) imagery. This was awesome and inspiring.
Jesse S., early adopter

Theme: Communion

The book is 28 pages long and has a lot of evocative artwork.  It includes:

  • 4 new occupations and 6 new backgrounds, drives, and rituals for character creation
  • 15 moments
  • 10 conditions

You can also use the new character creation options from this adventure in the character keepers for Trophy Dark and Trophy Gold by Drew/Arktosaur for easier online play!

With purchase, you get the following fully bookmarked PDFs:

  • Single-page layout
  • Facing-spread layout
  • Printer-friendly, black-and-white, art-less version
  • A separate file for character sheets

Or get a print-on-demand hardcopy through this link!

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If you want a subtler, more contemplative one-shot adventure, check out my other Trophy Dark incursion Penumbra!

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Get this one-shot adventure and 118 more for $5.00 USD
View bundle
Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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