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You have risen from the grave to find the world sucks. Everyone knows the despotic Wizard is the cause; the incessant cackling was as good a hint as any. Luckily, their magic only seems to work on the living, making your bony bodies and empty skulls the perfect weapons. But the Wizard’s rigid, magically enforced order has caused countless other problems for the yet-fleshed that can’t be solved by simply crushing a tyrant alone, and despite your best efforts, the void within you that was once life continues to care deeply for these still-warms, now so alien to your cold, purpose-driven unlife.



Skeleton Justice Warriors is a hack of John Harper's Lasers & Feelings, based on an original concept by Amanda Van Rhyn. In this one-page TTRPG, your stats are Skeleton, Justice, and Warrior. What do you think it's about? Inside, you'll find:

  • Stats and demeanors determined by how you were buried (or not)
  • 72 distinctions to make your skeleton unique
  • 36 weapons to use in doling out justice
  • 12 secondary goals for when just being a warrior isn't enough
  • 6 archetypes each for the Wizard and their minions
  • 6 questions to help define your setting
  • A 4-part roll table for creating mortal problems

The game is best played with big dasharez0ne energy.

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GenreAction, Role Playing
TagsCyberpunk, Dark Fantasy, Futuristic, Horror, Magic, One-page, Print & Play, Tabletop role-playing game


Get this one-page RPG and 372 more for $8.00 USD
View bundle
Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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Dumb Question: Does rolling against the Wizard include rolling against their minions? Otherwise, it's interesting that a high Number is only good for the climactic battle. 


Not a dumb question! Since it's a binary choice, a really strict reading might leave you wondering how to roll sometimes when facing something that isn't literally the Wizard or a Mortal, so I intentionally left it a bit open to interpretation.

My preferred approach is to make the Wizard's minions a mix of mortals convinced to help them for one reason or another and various magical creatures that wouldn't exist if not for the Wizard, and to give the Mortals some problems that come from the Wizard and some that come from other Mortals. That way, the SkelJWs could have a mix of roll high and roll low when both trying to help Mortals and trying to go after the Wizard.

Environmental risks, traps, and other dangers that don't directly come from Mortals or the Wizard can be assessed based on who caused/initiated them, what purpose they caused the danger for, and/or who is aided by the danger's threat being realized.


Okay, that fits with the approach I was considering, where some minions, the magic ones, count as Wizard. Thank you!